Happy New Year people of Lincoln!

2016Happy New Year people of Lincoln!

Gosh, the first week of January – bit of a struggle isn’t it? Well, here we are – eight days into January and we’re already fighting fit for another year of Lincoln property prowess. Our stomachs may be bulging and our heads may be throbbing but that doesn’t stop us yellow-bellies getting stuck right back into business.

The UK housing market found itself kicking and screaming through 2015 in a desperate struggle to reach a suitable equilibrium between supply and demand. On top of this, property prices continued to peak nationwide giving many a perfect opportunity to sell; unfortunately this was not enough to get people selling in their droves. Rather than look back with a pessimistic dismissal, the team at King & Co believe that the lessons learned from last year will greatly benefit the market as a whole in 2016.

photo_107_20051001Sure, Halifax may have come forward on Thursday to announce that house prices rose by 9.5% in 2015 but if the government stick to their promise of up to ’13,000 new affordable homes’ in 2016 then things could settle out. Buy-to-Let may also court new landlords further boosting the economic state. Let’s hold on tight and see where the year takes us; as for Lincoln, we’re pretty confident that things will continue to tide over nicely here given how many wonderful homes we saw sold last year. Read more 2016 predictions over here at The Week.

In other news, you may have seen that Lincoln has been issued a flood warning. We strongly recommend keeping your finger to the pulse over the coming days and ensure that you are prepared for any unfortunate weather changes. You can read more about this warning over on the Lincolnshire Echo.

As for now, we’d like to wish each and every one of you a very Happy New Year!

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Wrapping Up Lincoln 2015

It’s a busy old month for the team at King & Co as we all chip in together to get 2015’s final transactions boxed and wrapped for the new year. Despite the hard graft, that hasn’t stopped us appreciating the season festivities around us and getting hyped up for Lincoln’s much celebrated Christmas Markets. In fact, we recommend taking a look at the upcoming events schedule over on Visit Lincoln – the city really shines this time of year.

In other news, our delightful Bethany has now completed her apprenticeship after a year of fantastic work with the team. We are delighted to have her on board!


Before we get back to work, a huge thank you is due to everyone who has used our services this past year. It seems we are still working our magic after all this time as evidenced by these wonderful gifts from a recent vendor! Needless to say, they were very happy…


If you are looking to relocate in the New Year, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Silver Street office on 01522 525 255.

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Landlords – It’s Time To Risk Assess Legionnaires Disease

How familiar with Legionnaires Disease are you?

With any luck, you’re exposure to this insidious disease will be limited to knowledge rather than first-hand experience. If you are unaware of the disease, then we suggest you take a short moment to give this video a watch, as new legislation has come into play which requires landlords to have ample knowledge.

If you are a landlord of a residential property, it is your responsibility to ensure that the risk of contamination is minimised, either by inhalation or direct consumption. While Legionnaires is not contagious, a damp area affected by the disease can cause serious damage to inhabitants in the immediate area.

If you would like to learn about what you can do to secure your property against such threats, we also recommend giving this Health and Safety Executive document a read.

As one of Lincoln’s leading independent estate agents, it would be rather foolish if we did not have at least one talented individual qualified to assess the risk of Legionnaire’s in our properties. Big congratulations please for our very own David who recently passed his Legionnaire’s Risk Assessment course!

david king and co

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Lincoln – Time to Flaunt Your Talent!

Britain's Got Talent  2013 Judges

You’re probably more talented than this bunch so go on, give it a go!

People of Lincoln, it’s time to rouse your inner talent for those who seek it are coming to town!

Can you dance like a buffoon while balancing a dog on your head as you recite lines from Hamlet?

Reckon your rendition of Grace Jones’ ‘Pull Up To The Bumper’ would sound better on stage rather than in the shower?

Do you actually have some kind of idiosyncrasy that’s gone unnoticed for too long… you know; an actual talent?

The scouts from Britain’s Got Talent team would love to hear from you as they appear to be paying Lincoln a visit on Monday, October 19th as part of the show’s tenth anniversary.

Unfortunately for the talented souls of Lincoln, the ‘pre-audition’ location has yet to be disclosed to the public. In case you were under the impression that the only audition took place in a televised environment – no, you need to do a pre-audition.

In any case, if you are interested then we encourage you to sign yourself up here via the online application form.

It is said that this year’s team of judges will include the ever infamous Simon Cowell, Alesha Dixon, David Walliams and Amanda Holden.

Come on Lincoln, let’s make things interesting!

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Rain, Rain, Go Away…

Forgive us if you’re already tired of hearing about it but we feel its part of our duty as a trusted voice in the Lincoln and Lincolnshire community to spread local news!

Anyway, brace yourselves… more rain!

Yes, the Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning to the people of Lincolnshire which predicts extensive rainfall to take place across September 16th and 17th. This of course comes after Monday’s barbaric levels of rainfall which is believed to have equated to more than half a month’s average rainfall in a single day!

The team at King & Co recommend bracing yourselves but keep a level head as the rainfall, strong winds and flooding may well be a safe pre-emptive exaggeration. The last thing we need is a tornado soiling our lovely county so fingers crossed for a light breeze and wee drizzle!

With that said we also recommend keeping a keen eye on your weather forecasts and give this Lincolnshire Echo article a read for further details.

In more optimistic news, the King & Co team have been courting exceptional property lately and we highly recommend taking a look at our current portfolio of sales and lettings. We also have some gorgeous featured properties over on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Take a look!

Famous Faces of Lincolnshire

lincolnshireAh, bless Lincolnshire – we may not be the cultural powerhouse of Britain but we more than have our fair share of legendary native faces. While King & Co are settled quite comfortably on 33 Silver Street in lovely Lincoln, we’ll expand our sights to the whole of Lincolnshire for this proud little feature. Anyway, here are our top three influential cultural people born to be born and/or raised in our wonderful county.

  • Isaac Newton

While the odd conspiracy theorist will argue otherwise (flat earthers’ for example…), Isaac Newton is responsible for humanities modern understanding of gravity, physics and as a whole, the universe. His life was one of internal and social conflict due to a reportedly ‘bloated ego’ but his groundbreaking insight into natural science remains pivotal to our understanding of universal physics. Born on Christmas Day 1642 in Woolsthorpe, the young Newton spent much of his upbringing in the company of his grandparents after the tragic passing of his father (three months prior to his birth) and his mother’s subsequent re-marriage.

  • Jim Broadbent

Lovely Jim Broadbent – not only a local treasure but also one of the most recognisable and well loved British actors of recent times. With Academy Awards, BAFTA’s and Golden Globes under his belt, it’s hard to argue with the man’s talent. Beginning his career in the late 1970s, Broadbent has subsequently starred in celebrated works such as Brazil, Topsy-Turvy, Iris, Another Year and Hot Fuzz.

  • Margaret Thatcher

The politically and socially divisive former prime-minister left a legacy that can still be felt today. Her groundbreaking policies and cultural impact changed the trajectory of Britain forever but let’s not dwell on the pros and cons! Those with a keen knowledge of film will also recall that Jim Broadbent also starred in the recent biopic The Iron Lady! Here’s a trailer…

Who are your favourite cultural figures from Lincoln and Lincolnshire? Let the team at King & Co Estate Agent know on Facebook and Twitter.

Survey Time – Happy People of Lincoln!

When people relocate to Lincoln, one of the first things on their mind is likely to be employment. In fact, it’s quite possibly the biggest hurdle facing people who wish to start a new life in a fresh location. Much has been discussed in the press about Britain’s wavering economy but what about those of you who are in employment – are you happy?

This was a question posed in a huge study by Staples to a large body of US and Canadian workers. The results offered an interesting, if predictable response that demonstrated how well people are at dealing with less than opportune circumstances. With 85% of respondents claiming to be happy to be in work and were willing, if offered, to work longer hours – it seems that any employment is good employment. This contrasts with the 43% who claimed to feel overworked and underpaid, do who knows where the overlap beings and ends.

This was reported by the Lincolnshire Echo who rather brilliantly went on to question the people of Lincoln on the same topic. Now, King & Co have often been faced by people relocating who wish to know of our local job market and we have to say; it’s rather good.

In aid of this local study, we’d like to ask our followers – how happy are you in your current job role? Over worked? Underpaid? Or is everything just dandy? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter or alternatively, take our super fancy survey below.

If you’d like to read the results of the Lincolnshire Echo research then please click here.

As for King & Co’s latest goings on, the property market has been a strange old thing in the last few months but following the election it looks like things will stabilise. Prices are up, mortgage rates are down and there’s never been a better time to sell so if you need some advice please do give us a ring on 01522 525 255.

We also offer managed letting for Landlords looking for a professional touch.


Lincoln’s Best Real Ale Pubs

While the convenience of keg conditioned lager and cider has dominated the mainstream market for decades, a diverse demand for cask conditioned real ale has never left British pubs. Thanks to the hipster movement among young adults and a generally more liberal approach to beer tastes (see the craft beer craze), real ale is once again a booming business. Young and old drinkers alike are enjoying the rich tapestry of flavours offered by the countless bitters, pale ales, stouts and porters pouring from British pumps.

Here are our top three real ale pubs in Lincoln…

dog and boneWe couldn’t leave off this marvellous haunt, especially considering its previous award as CAMRA’s best pub in Lincolnshire. Not only did it receive this illustrious mark but it was also nominated for CAMRA’s pub of the year, an accolade not bestowed without careful consideration.  With six ale pumps on constant rotation, an art gallery/library section and a generous live music space, you’d be hard pressed to find a finer watering hole that ticks all the right boxes.

“The Old Wig” as it is affectionately known by locals has long courted favour among real ale drinkers and diners alike. If you happen to enjoy classic pub food while sampling your tipple, then the Wig is for you. With fantastic local and national beers, excellent food and beautiful vintage architecture, it’s hard to say no to a pint and a doze in one of their many comfortable armchairs.

lincoln redConveniently placed on the high street near Lincoln’s best tea rooms and shops, the Red Ale House is a perfect place to unwind and socialise while exploring their wide range of ales and bottled beers. Like most modern pubs that go for a traditional vibe, you can expect comfortable seating, a warm interior and outstanding service. The locally sourced food is almost as good as their beer, with a diverse ever changing menu that adapts to the seasons.

There are plenty more pubs and bars of note in Lincoln so please do tell King & Co your favourites on Facebook and Twitter.

Red Arrows Ride Lincoln

pankhurstA mixture of anxiety and excitement rides high among Lincoln folk as of late. Firstly, it’s the general election coming up tomorrow which seems to host the oddest roster of prime ministerial candidates in recent memory. Wherever your political leanings may lay, please do try and vote – it’s easy to brush it off as futile but your vote really does count. Also, don’t forget the strife that women like Emmeline Pankhurst went through to get the female vote – don’t let them down!

red arrowsAnyway, on to an altogether more positive note, Lincoln was blessed with a wonderful practice display by the phenomenal Red Arrows last week causing quite the stir of wonder among lucky onlookers. This also marks the start of the squadrons’ 51st season with 80 displays across the UK to take place this summer. Before the season could go underway, the team were awarded their PDA (Public Display Authority) after “seven months of tireless training”, with Squadron Leader David Montenegro explaining to The Lincolnite “On behalf of all of the team, we are hugely looking forward to performing the 2015 display and meeting members of the UK public throughout the next five months.”

The team were also honoured with the annual Lincoln Civic Award, a marvellous 19 inch silver eight sided obelisk originally designed by silversmith Derek Birch.

Did you spot the Red Arrows practicing?

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The Best of Lincoln’s Tea Rooms

Yum, Yum. Whether you prefer it the Cornish way or the Devonshire way, there’s nothing quite like a traditional cream tea. Thankfully Lincoln is no slouch when it comes to quality authentic tea rooms so we’ve compiled a little shortlist of our favourites. Cream on!

bunty'sThis delightfully quaint family run tea room has consistently pleased locals and travellers alike. The vintage aesthetic does much to offer a warm and friendly trip down memory lane but the real star is of course, the tea. Gorgeous tea cups, a diverse range of old China and plentiful cake to go around, this is a real gem in Lincoln’s mug shaped crown. Available for private hire and cake order, Bunty’s is well worth scouting out.

High-Bridge-Cafe-011The alluring charm of this magnificent Tudor building dates back to 1160 and sits gracefully over the River Witham while remaining the only Medieval bridge in England with houses still sat upon it. Enough history, what about the tea, coffee and cake? Well, take a look for yourself at their menu here – it’s impressive stuff and the views, well, some go for the views alone. If you’re one for British history and don’t find natural beauty offensive then you’ll be right at home at Stokes.

bellsAnother wonderful traditional tea room experience buried deep in the heart of Lincoln’s Cathedral Quarter, this Grade II listed building is as much a visual delight as it is a hospitable triumph. Best of all, if you’re up for more than the standard cream tea or a hot cuppa, they also provide an excellent all day Full English Breakfast. Pastries, teas, coffees, cakes and scones – it’s another Lincoln crowd pleaser.

Disagree? Let us know!

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